Hudson Taylor – #AtoZChallenge

I haven’t yet worked out exactly how Hudson Taylor (the band, of course, not the missionary or the wrestler) relate to my having MS, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. I need to shake this month up a little bit.

Hmmmm… Do Hudson Taylor sing about MS? (No.) Do either of them have MS? (Not that they’ve ever mentioned to me.) Support MS awareness of any kind? (Probably not, although they are so nice that I bet they would.)

Meanwhile, I’ve let days go by without posting since I can’t come up with anything to tie in the band, so I guess I’ll just leave you with a gorgeous recording of their new song, “Old Soul.”

P.S. Harry and Alfie, on the incredibly remote chance that you are reading this, please remember that you said you’d come back to Portland in May. And that you’d be headlining. And that you’d bring your whole band. And that I could have two free tickets. Okaythanksbye.

2 thoughts on “Hudson Taylor – #AtoZChallenge

  1. H: hematoma. So I have coughed up blood in the past. Not a little bit but a lot a bit. Between a cup and 2 cups an episode. episodes were occurring more frequently (1 over 2 months) I have been hospitalized a few times. Fall 2017 I coughed up 2 cups or more and was panicked. So I went to the hospital. I was admitted. There is a procedure that can be done where a radiologist cauterizes the artery that keeps bursting causing me to bleed. My doctor had told me that it would most likely need to be done at some point. So I had a bronchoscopy to determine it was coming from the bottom left lung. I signed paperwork and headed to radiology. I was lightly sweated and kept coming out of it. He went through my femeral artery and used catheters to loop around to find the artery that went to the lower left lung. They shoot dye into the bloodstream and take an xray so they can see where they are going. It made me cough. He was there and about to place the beads for coterizing when. I felt pain. He pulled out. Still pain. Showed them my chest. Asked if it was my heart. Heart was fine. Had pain when breathing. Rushed to CT . CT showed a tear near the aorta. I Had bled into my chest. It was the size of a French roll. The blood was applying pressure to my lungs and esophagus. That is called a hematoma. I was given very strong pain meds. Over the next month my body absorbed the blood and healed. I hadn’t had an episode since. I am on antibiotics full time. And am terrified of having to do this again. Which I might down the road. The odds of this happening are 1 in a billion. Did I cause it because I coughed? Who knows.
    Something funny. I had to pee during the procedure so I had to go on the table. Haha. Still makes me chuckle.

    H could be used for husband.


  2. Isn’t it just stunning?! I find their lyrics speak to a lot of things going on in my life, especially illness. Their words hold a real connection to things I think we only work out when listening to music.

    P.S I have been very quiet on WP in the last few years but now graduated and in a new job. So revamped my blog! Regards, V


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