My new 2020 Purpose Planner

You may recall that I had started using a bullet journal a while ago, but I found that having to create everything from scratch — while incredibly freeing and super creative! — was keeping me from actually using it. It became more an art project and less a planning-and-organization tool. But I loved many things about my bullet journal: the ability to keep various lists, logs, and trackers; the lovely thick pages and soft cover; and even the dot grid! (I was sure I wouldn’t like the lack of straight lines when I started using it, but soon fell in love with being imperfect.)

Thus began the Great Planner Hunt once again. I think I looked at every planner available on Amazon or pinned on Pinterest while trying to find one that really clicked for me.

I’ve got a good feeling about the one I decided on, after some trial and error.  It’s the Purpose Planner from Roterunner, the Teal Soft Cover, to be specific.  (To be even more specific, this is not a sponsored post. I just really like this planner.)

Why do I like it? Let me count the ways.

  1. It’s pretty!  It has nice thick pages and two ribbon bookmarks and an elastic to keep it closed.
  2. The planner starts with a Roles & Goals six-month planning section. I overlooked it at first, but I spent part of January 1st filling it out and it really helped me focus on what I want this year to be.

  3. It has monthly calendars and weekly spreads built right in. As a failed bullet journaler, this is BIG.

  4. The monthly pages include a Goals & Actions section and a guided Monthly Reflection.

  5. The weekly spread includes a habit tracker, sleep tracker, and fitness tracker, as well as all sorts of other cool sections.

  6. After every weekly section, there is a two-page dot-grid blank layout, and there are another 38 blank dot-grid pages in the back. I can still have all the bullet journal-style layouts I want!

  7. But how will I keep track of what I do with those blank pages? Well, the pages are numbered, and there is a blank Index in the front. I’m good to go.

You can go to the website to learn more, but here’s a little look at the different sections:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is it a perfect planner? No. It is spendy, for a planner that only covers six months at a time. The monthly calendars start with Monday (which I love, because I like to see Saturday and Sunday together, but it takes some getting used to), and in order to fit as much as they show in the sample photos, you’d need a very fine-tip pen and the ability to write in Eyestrain-o-Vision. But I’m still psyched.  I’ll check back and let you know how it goes!

xo – Lori

6 thoughts on “My new 2020 Purpose Planner

  1. I’d love to know how this planner is working for you. I bought one for my partner a while back and am thinking of getting one for me. I’m currently using a BoJo and am finding I’m just not sticking with it. How has it been for you since leaving the BoJo?


    1. Hi, Imogen! I am finding that I’m not using the Purpose Planner very much during this pandemic, as my life — along with everyone else’s — is in complete upheaval. I didn’t go back to the bullet journal, either. For now, I have been relying on the Momentum Planner ( as a pen-and-paper way of just jotting down what I need. Then I punch and file the pages into a disc notebook that I got at Staples, for reference. We’ll see how this all pans out when/if the world returns to normal!


  2. Thanks, Lori. I’m trying to find a way to increase my productivity. I’ve looked at the LDB STEP program and bullet journaling. I don’t know how to mix the two and am not artistic. I’m awful at planning, but for the sake of my family need a system! Life is rushing past me and I’m living life without a plan.

    Thanks for your thoughts.



    1. Emily, I can empathize with you 100%. Your last two sentences really resonated with how I’ve been feeling as I analyze life while we are stuck at home.

      I have been using the Momentum Planner printables during this pandemic, and I find that I really like their way of breaking down goals to monthly, weekly, and daily projects and tasks. I think I’ll do a post on it, just to show how I’m using it. It’s helping us make some big plans (and hopefully will help us carry them out, too).


      1. I’m trying to! I’m definitely a work in progress right now, but grouping my to do list by context is a big help. I just need to be more consistent.


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