our 6-month trip to Europe

From March through August of 2012, we went to Europe for 24 weeks.

David and I are travelers. We both went on overseas programs in college — David to Germany, Lori to Ireland — and got bitten by the bug. We went on a whirlwind trip through Europe for two months in 1991 and returned for a month-long honeymoon in Germany in 1992. In 1993, we quit our Southern California jobs and moved home to Oregon, but before getting on with our lives, we stored our worldly goods and spent a year in Europe. After returning home in 1994, we’ve only been back together once, for the summer of 1997, the year before Quinland was born.

We always knew that someday we would do it again.

We started to save up our money way back then. We’ve had periods of more and less cash on hand, but we always lived a frugal lifestyle and put every extra dollar away for the trip. Someday, someday, someday…

Someday finally came.  It was a perfect storm of conditions. I was diagnosed with MS and may have limited mobility in the future, so that was definitely a consideration. Quinland was at a perfect age to really experience and remember the trip, which is awesome. We didn’t have the resources to go for the entire year of our dreams, but by going for a shorter amount of time, David and I were able to make easier transitions back to work at the end of the trip.

To see just posts about the trip, click here.  Enjoy this retrospective of our trip!


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