Sidewalks of New York

Quinland has been enjoying a pre-break Spring Break this week, as a parade of good friends has come to visit him in New York on their breaks.

Today, he and Gracie (visiting from Portland) and Alejandro (visiting from Ohio) went to the Museum of Natural History and then to beautiful (and snowy!) Central Park. Then, as they were just walking along through New York, they randomly bumped into Sofia, another friend from Portland who goes to school in the city.

This is a perfectly normal thing because the Borough of Manhattan has a mere 1.6 million people, and Q knows at least 10 of them. With those odds, he can expect to run into somebody he knows just about any time he goes into the city.

(I still can’t get over it.)

Hudson Taylor are in Portland right now!

Harry and Alfie are in Portland. At this very moment. We are in the same country, the same time zone, the same city limits.

I have waited for this day for so long! The boys whose music I have been championing for five long years will be in MY city playing to ME and MY friends.

I might be hyperventilating.

All you lucky Irish and English and even Danish people don’t know how good you have it. You can see Hudson Taylor pretty much anytime you like, compared to us. Sure, you might have to wait a month or two, and you might have to travel a bit, but we have to wait forever, and we have to travel to the other side of the world.

OK, I’m exaggerating. But still…

I can’t wait to see them. Remember back when I met them in Hollywood? I had such an amazing time. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I’m still super excited.

Oscar madness

We are mad at the 2018 Oscar broadcast. I was not feeling well (UTI! Woo!), so Gina recorded the show so we could all watch it together. However, although we added 30 minutes to the recording, it went over even that. Way over. As in, we missed the Best Actress and Best Picture sections.

This is infuriating. Why in the world do they not just schedule the freaking thing for the appropriate amount of time? It can’t be hard to look in the archives, see how long the average acceptance speech actually takes, and then factor that in with the length of your features! Argh. Trying to bribe winners with a jet ski doesn’t cut it. Let them have their freaking moment. Don’t steal that because you make bad decisions.

Gina, as a screenwriter, is especially angry at the Academy Award producers. I am less angry, mostly because I’m in serious bladder pain and am dealing with this weird MS thing where my body temperature feels completely out of whack and I had to leave in the middle to stand under burning water in the shower until my teeth stopped chattering. My life is bizarre.

I go home tomorrow. I miss David horribly, I miss Bonesy, and I can’t wait to see Hudson Taylor on Wednesday. (OMG! Pinch me!) But my time with my sister is always so much fun (and goes by so dang fast!) that I hate to leave.