Cookie madness

Another season of Girl Scout Cookie sales has come to an end.

cookie madness

Another season of…

  • Girls being nervous about asking the neighbors to buy cookies…
  • Schlepping the order form (and the cookies) to and from work…
  • Borrowing all the cash out of the money envelope and having to write a big check at the end…
  • Sitting in the freezing cold (and the blessed sunshine, at times this year) at booth sales…
  • Hearing “Thanks anyway! Have a nice day!” many, many times, always cheerfully…
  • Thanking everyone who bought cookies, encouraged the girls, reminisced about being a Girl Scout, and/or said, “Keep the change!” It makes it all worthwhile.

In case you missed out and need a box of Samoas or Tagalongs, let me know! I can definitely hook you up.

little garden box on the deck

Way back in 8th grade, Quinland offered to make me something in his woodshop class. (The class was not, for the record, called Woodshop – it had a fancy name like Engineering Design, because they had to solve practical dilemmas with engineered solutions. But they also got to build stuff.)

I asked for two things: a cutting board for the kitchen (made of multiple pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle) and a garden box for the deck.  He made both. The cutting board got tons of use from Day One, but the garden box sat sadly outside for an entire year before I got around to planting a garden.

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jettison: to push aside or toss away

We have been purging household goods like crazy around here. We’ve sold tons of stuff on Craigslist already:

… and we still have stuff listed and ready to list.

It’s been crazy. Hundreds of dollars worth of crazy, mind you, but still crazy. It has taken up weeks and weeks of our summer already, and though it feels like the end is in sight with an upcoming garage sale, we still have so many things left to get rid of. Clothes. Shoes. Records. Posters. Books. CDs. DVDs. Knickknacks. Paddywacks. The list goes on.

What I am truly enjoying is the feeling of space that we have gained. Granted, our house is spacious enough, but all our stuff has always been visible – in your face, so to speak – since this house has so little hidden storage. Now, the number of things is starting to correlate with the amount of room, a state in which we have rarely found ourselves before.

I like it.