meet Lori

iwho I am – a reader, a writer, a maker of piles and a cleaner-up of piles, someone constantly striving to make life better than it is (and constantly fidgety about how it is now)

what I love – my family, my friends, books (Pride and Prejudice! Little House!), laughing, singing, goofing around, music (The Wonder Stuff! Hudson Taylor!), travel, springtime (flowers! longer days!), and, of course, the God who gives us all of this

what I do herewhatever I want to do! gosh! – I write about whatever I’m thinking about: stuff I’m doing, books I’m reading, family adventures, life with MS, some random story about my pets, or a profound treatise on something or other

I tend to run in extremes:

  • I grew up in sunny Southern California but have found my true home in rainy Portland, Oregon.
  • I’m in my 40s but I feel like I’m still in my 20s. I wonder when I will feel grown up.
  • I read voraciously – and most of it is either non-fiction (life improvement!), Newbery Award winners, or Jane Austen fan fiction.
  • I fall hard for dreams in my mind but have a hard time kickstarting my body to go after them.
  • I’m obsessed with health and fitness… while I deal with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and do a whole bunch of lying around.
  • I want to live a minimal lifestyle, but I am surrounded by stuff.
  • I’ve got a kitchen filled with cooking tools, but I’m a super-novice chef; a garage filled with gardening stuff, and no garden to speak of; a super-cool camera (and lenses! and filters!) and no idea how to use it well.
  • I can talk to anyone – and have the very best of friends – but I tend to go ages without seeing anyone socially. (This must change!)

My adventures often involve my husband, David, and my amazing child, Quinland, along with a cast of supporting characters that includes my fabulous family, our former cats, Jinx and Fu, and our dog, Bones.

4 thoughts on “meet Lori

  1. Hey there, thanks for liking one of my Summer One Hundred posts! You seem to have a very nice set of blogs yourself and I look forward to your future stuff! I approve of the fact you love Hudson Taylor! Best regards, Victoria, Norwich, England x


    1. Thanks so much for dropping by! I’m probably a bit too obsessed with Hudson Taylor, but I love their music and I need spread the word over here in the US.


    1. It’s harder to find on this new Theme. There is a comment link right under the title of each post, but if there are already comments, it just looks like a comment count. Otherwise, if you click on the post title, there is a “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of each post.

      I’m back in business, baby!


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