No news is good news

Holy moly. I turned my phone on today and saw the following on my notifications:

I’m not going to lie: It’s hard not to be depressed by the state of the Union. Yes, I know that the stock market is up, but — as Congressman Joe Kennedy said on NPR the other day — more than half of U.S. citizens have no investments in the stock market, and 80% of stocks are held by 10% of the people in this country. For the average American, that metric for success doesn’t mean much.

I know I’m lucky. I have a 401k through work, David has a pension, we have life insurance. If we downsize and watch what we spend when we retire, we should be okay. But looking at the news, who knows what kind of world we will be living in when that day comes…

Whew! Enough depressing stuff. I had an exceedingly productive day today, thanks in no small part to sleeping eight hours (and going to bed before midnight) last night, walking the dog first thing this morning, and actually taking time to meditate, which I am horrible about doing.

So, good job, me! I can’t do anything about the government until the next election, but I can take care of myself.

The best you can do

One does not always do the best there is. One does the best one can. – Catherine the Great

I’ve been sick for about a week. I have a cold – the Cold of Death – that has stripped me of my voice and filled my head with sludge. My son is avoiding being in the same room as me and has accused me of having a nose as red as Rudolph’s. I’ve made it in to work all week somehow, though my days are spent nursing my box of Kleenex and wishing I were anywhere else.

Worst of all, I have no energy to speak of. I find it hard to accomplish anything beyond eating takeout meals and falling into my bed. This is most inconvenient as I have sworn to reform my life beginning on January 1st. My hopes and wishes for 2013 remain unchanged, but I am starting to admit to myself that they will have to be put off for the time being.

And you know what? That’s okay. I am allowed to be sick. I am allowed to fall short. I am allowed to be less than perfect (and oh, how much less I currently am!), allowed to get off to a good-but-slow start, allowed to sleep as much as my heart desires and my body needs.

I will get better. The cold will go away. My poor nose will recover. My voice will return, and so will my energy. There is plenty of time to do the things I need to do. I’ll do them, with energy and a happy heart, when I feel better.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing the best I can. Right now, that translates into a warm shower and an early bedtime. Good night!

How are you feeling? Have you managed to avoid the respiratory menace that is sweeping the nation Cold of Death? Do you have any remedies that don’t boost the immune system? (Yeah, zinc and vitamin C are out.  Can’t exacerbate the MS!)

Off to a good start

New cubicles

I worked hard today. Okay, hard is relative. I did no backbreaking labor, didn’t sweat, didn’t work with toxic waste or bodily fluids. But I did come in an hour and a half early, stay an hour late, and take only one thirty-minute lunch… and I still didn’t have time to get done what I needed to do. All this – on top of the Cough and Cold of Death – made it a long, tiring day.

It was the first day of a “new” job for me. A longtime co-worker and friend retired last Friday, and it appears that I am going to take over her workload in addition to my own. She has been on four-day weeks for ten years, so I have been doing her job at least one day a week for all that time, but now that she’s gone, it is all up to me.

I got to make a physical transition, too. Sandy had the big corner cubicle, and I moved my things into it over the past few days. I needed the space for all my accounting stuff as well as all the binders and files her job requires, and the squished space I’ve been in for the past few years wasn’t going to cut it. I like the sun coming in through all my new windows, though I think there will be a learning curve on glare-and-heat management with the vertical blinds.

(Speaking of learning curves, I didn’t know how to do a couple of things I needed to do today, but I figured them out. I’ve got to put that college degree to use somehow…)

I was proud of myself for handling both the old job and the new one today, on top of being so sick. The biggest surprise? My old desk was separate from the main part of the office, so I’ve been completely cut off from all social contact for most of the day, and after three-plus years I think I had gotten really used to it. It felt weird today to be able to hear what people were saying, to hear their phone conversations and hear them chat with one another. I guess I need to be re-socialized!

Any big job changes for you lately? How about difficulties in being around others? I’m sure I’ll get used to it, soon; hopefully I won’t get so used to it that I am distracted from my work!

Thanks to Plutor for the photo.