BikeMS – #AtoZChallenge

Let’s start with a disclaimer: I’ve never done BikeMS. But I think this will be the year that changes!

While WalkMS is an event that takes place during a morning in springtime, BikeMS is a summer weekend extravaganza. Cyclists and their teams convene at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, then camp there for the weekend, going for a bike ride each day. You choose rides ranging from 15 to 105 miles, depending on your ability and fitness, then come back to the campsite each night. It sounds so fun!

I don’t know if I can ride a bike very far; the sole of my foot is really hypersensitive, and I’m not sure I can push a pedal repeatedly. But I’m going to find out! I’ll do some training rides beforehand and try to build up my endurance. (Even in my youth, the longest ride I’ve ever done was 50 miles.)

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more!