Blogging by phone

It’s funny. My phone is in my hand virtually all of my free time, but I have never written a blog post using the WordPress app. Today, however, I’m biting the bullet! This post is brought to you by phone. Let’s see how I do!

I wrote the above text using the WordPress app, but when I went to insert a graphic, I couldn’t figure out how to do it. (Argh.) I’m determined to continue with the whole phone-trial, though, so I did the next best thing and signed on to the WordPress site, where I’m more comfortable. Continue reading “Blogging by phone”

Out with the old, in with the new

When I started this blog, I wanted to let go of things that were weighing me down. I’d just gotten an official diagnosis of MS, and I  was facing the uncertainty of my future with that unpredictable disease. I decided to try to cut down on stress by getting rid of clutter, working to get healthier, and trying not to worry so much. The idea was that the blog would keep me accountable to myself.

Over time, things evolved. I got rid of load after load of household clutter, though I still have far to go. I lost 20 pounds, started doing yoga, and gave up meat and dairy. I took a six-month leave of absence from work to travel around Europe with David and Quinland.

All this has given me a new perspective on life, and I have found myself re-thinking what “Lighten Up” – the blog and the phrase – means to me now.

My original definition of “Lighten Up” was based on weight. I wanted things to be less heavy. I wanted my material possessions to be reduced, my weight to go down, my mood to go up, my schedule to be less hectic. All of those things have happened, to some degree.

Now, I’m going to start looking at another facet of the word “lighten” – making things brighter. I’d like to shed light on the corners of my life, to see how I can continue to simplify it. I’d like to light a path to the future for my son, by sharing the things I believe about life and how to live it. I’d like to spread light in the world by seeking ways to serve others, instead of focusing so much on myself. I am sure that as the days go by, I’ll think of more examples!  I hope that each post in this blog will document some instance of “enlightening” myself or my world.

So that’s my new mission. Thanks for coming along for the ride; your comments are welcomed and appreciated more than you know!

Mr. Darcy hates my blog


I have dragged myself out of bed to write this post.

Honestly, I had completely forgotten that I’d wanted to post something tonight. For that matter, I hadn’t even remembered that I had a blog. I’d gone peacefully to bed – a mere two hours after I had intended to – without a blogging thought in my mind.

I blame Mr. Darcy.

Yes, that Mr. Darcy. Fitzwilliam Darcy, master of Pemberley, love of Elizabeth Bennet’s life. If it weren’t for him and his fan fiction, I would have happily blogged the evening away.

But no… Jane Austen had to create him, women everywhere had to fall in love with him, and those evil fans over at had to go and write their fan fiction about him.  Fan fiction in which he and Elizabeth anticipate their wedding vows! In which he challenges Wickham to a duel! In which Lydia is banished to Ireland after losing her virtue and becoming with child! In which Bingley jilts Jane!

Yeah, it’s been a busy night over at my house (and at Longbourn as well, apparently). I probably shouldn’t get too down on Darcy; he has distracted me admirably from the fact that I return to work tomorrow after six months off. (He’s also a fine, upstanding partner to me on my phone’s Tichu app. That dastardly Bingley, on the other hand…)

xo – Lori

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful to Deb and Trav for a lovely barbecue today! We had such a good time. (And to all the Jane Austen fan fiction writers out there: You have my undying gratitude. I am thoroughly diverted.)

I’m also grateful, of course, for the photo by BinaryApe.