Nothing up my sleeve . . . Presto!

sky II by Cammer's Camera on flickr

Watch me pull a blog post out of my hat.

I have been away for a while. Away from the blog, away from my friends, away — to a great degree — from being an active participant in my life.

It’s hard to come back. Hard to explain what was going on, hard to reconnect, hard to make the multiple daily decisions to step out and not retreat.

Many days over the past six months, I have not wanted to come back. Not to any of it.

Other times, it seems like things are on an upward trajectory, like I’m making progress, like the end of this is in sight. I have not determined why this happens, or how; I am glad when I feel better, and devastated when I slip back down again.

I have decided to keep making the attempt, though. I’ve been working on reminding myself of all the things I love, all the people I miss, all the reasons that life is worth truly living. Trying to see the blue sky reflected in the puddle that is left from all this rain.

So here I am.


sky II” by Cammer’s Camera / CC BY

A to Z Challenge – Living with Multiple Sclerosis

I saw a really cool idea for bloggers here, called the A to Z Challenge. In the month of April, you blog 26 times on a single theme, with each post referring to one letter of the alphabet. Unfortunately, I did not hear about it in time for the “official” challenge, but hey! There are still more than 26 days left in April! I can still do it on my own!

I have decided that my theme is going to be “Living with Multiple Sclerosis.” Don’t worry — I’ll do my best not to write a bunch of boring medical stuff. It will be more about the little ways in which I am reminded that MS is a constant in my life, kind of a behind-the-curtain look, if you will.

So fasten your seatbelts and hold on to your hats and glasses — we are off!

200 and 2,000

200,000 Miles and Counting
Photo by Kyle May

You know how sometimes you notice that the odometer in your car is about to roll over to a big number… but you get distracted and miss the big moment?

That’s how my week has been! As I was traveling along through my life, this little blog reached a double milestone: 200 posts and 2,000 views.

I set a goal to average one post a day (and to make up for any days I have missed) as a way to hold myself accountable. Sometimes I don’t have much wisdom to impart – okay, most days I don’t impart much – but this blog is certainly lightening my life in many ways. One of the best ways is through the excitement I get when I check my stats and see that people are actually reading. What a treat!

So, a million thanks for coming by to see what is going on in my life. It’s going to get pretty exciting in just a few short weeks as we take off for our European adventure, so stay tuned!

xo,  Lori