A to Z Challenge – Living with Multiple Sclerosis

I saw a really cool idea for bloggers here, called the A to Z Challenge. In the month of April, you blog 26 times on a single theme, with each post referring to one letter of the alphabet. Unfortunately, I did not hear about it in time for the “official” challenge, but hey! There are still more than 26 days left in April! I can still do it on my own!

I have decided that my theme is going to be “Living with Multiple Sclerosis.” Don’t worry — I’ll do my best not to write a bunch of boring medical stuff. It will be more about the little ways in which I am reminded that MS is a constant in my life, kind of a behind-the-curtain look, if you will.

So fasten your seatbelts and hold on to your hats and glasses — we are off!

Plan #23 – Stop feeling guilty

I didn’t post on Thursday (Thanksgiving), as I spent the whole day with family and friends and decided to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I didn’t post on Friday, as I spent the whole day in bed. I swear, I was narcoleptic. I couldn’t even read, as my eyes would just droop shut and I would drop the phone on my face. Instead, I had a sleeping cat on my chest and a sleeping dog on my legs and there we stayed until late in the afternoon. I did get up and get dressed to go to dinner with Mitch and Nicole (at a fantastic but very spendy restaurant called Xico on SE Division). We played a game called Wordigo after dinner, and, again, I decided to sleep after that instead of blogging.

Still… I was frustrated with myself. I’d made a commitment to post every single day in November! I couldn’t just casually miss two days in a row! But I snapped back to rational thought and decided it is better to do what I need to do to take care of myself than to arbitrarily set a goal and pursue it blindly. My whole plan is meant to be motivating, not punishing! I want to end this month excited about blogging, not feeling like I have failed.

Because, honestly, I enjoy this blog a lot more when I post often but without guilt. I’m aware that it is just a rambling monologue about my life, but that’s okay; some people will be interested, some won’t. But if I’m not interested in coming here, we have a problem!

Right now, I’m very interested. Love you all.

Know what I need to lighten up? Lighten Up!

Feather Cloud
photo by *~Dawn~*

I was taking a look at my Mission today, and I realized something: in giving myself guidelines for simplifying my life, I was making the whole concept – and this blog – needlessly complicated. I have multiple areas of life I want to simplify, multiple ways I want to record my progress… and yet, the original idea was to make things easier. Simpler. Better.

Let’s look at the definitions of “lighten” that I reference in the ol’ Mission:

  • To make less heavy; to lessen the oppressiveness, trouble, or severity of; to relieve of cares or worries, to gladden.
  • To become less in weight; to become less oppressive, troublesome, or severe; to become cheerful.

To lighten is to make things less heavy and burdensome. I want this blog to be less burdensome for me, and less heavy for you. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to be serious or tackle things that are challenging for me, but hopefully it won’t be all doom and gloom as it has felt to me lately.

More than that, though, I want the act of writing the blog to be one that lifts me up, that makes me glad and cheerful. I have realized – finally – that when my computer time is limited, not every post needs to be long. Or deep. Or insightful. (Not that they have all been deep or insightful, but they have all been long!) Some can be playful, some brief, some – let’s face it – shallow. I am allowed to be shallow. It says so in the rest of the definition:

  • Lighten up: To take matters less seriously.

Whew! I feel lighter already.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for this little epiphany. Hopefully it will be the kick-start I need to write more. (Six posts in April = epic fail.)
  • I’m lighter! We walked to a little town a few kilometers away to go to the beach, Quinland and I swam, and we walked back home with groceries.