SingStar, anyone?


Everyone in my family likes to sing.  My dad – who has a lovely voice – always sang to us as kids, camp songs and pop songs and songs he learned as a choirboy.  We sang in the bed of the pickup truck going down to Bonsall; we sang to John Denver and Rogers and Hammerstein musicals as we cleaned house for Aunt Roseanne; and if you put a PlayStation microphone in our hands, we will sing for you at the drop of a hat.

What better way to celebrate an excellent report from the neurologist than a little Family SingStar Night?  We left the cousins at our house, gathered at Lynette’s, broke out all nine of my SingStar games, and proceeded to karaoke the house down ’til the wee hours.  We already knew that Danny has an amazing voice and that Gina is going to dance, but who knew David could nail the falsetto on Blue Orchid, that we could get Grandma Ann into an admittedly-gentle Nirvana mosh pit, that Lynette could do such a smokin’ version of This Charming Man?  Whew.  What an incredibly awesome night.

  • {Health Worry} released:  It’s MS, all right, but I am going to be able to handle it.
  • (Body Fat} released:  Believe me, I danced off some serious calories until my leg gave out.

Microphone” by GrantCC BY