Good grief!

My laptop has been suffering from a disease called BSOD. This foul malady has struck my not-so-little guy down in the not-so-prime of life. Apparently, it is not fatal – yet – although the whole “Blue Screen of Death” name is a bit nerve-wracking.

We are looking for a new (or new-to-us) electronic device to take to Europe with us, as it doesn’t seem wise to a) haul a 2005 Dell laptop (all 10 pounds of it) around with us, especially if b) it is dying a slow and painful death.

Painful? you may well ask…  YES. Painful.

Not to the laptop, of course. I do realize that electronic equipment does not have nerves and thus cannot feel pain. The pain is being inflicted upon me.  Three times this week, I have been writing a blog post when the computer has suddenly blue-screened. I get so dang frustrated that I just give up and go to bed. Life is too short for that kind of stress.

Still, I have missed all of you. I have great plans to finish up all those unwillingly-aborted posts, so you may hear from me a great deal this weekend.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the trip, regardless of how much I stress out about it.
  • I’m lighter! by a pair of Adidas track suit pants which were handed down to me so many years ago that I am sure that they have been unfashionable for ten years.

Being nurtured is a very good thing

Today was filled with very good things.

  • I woke up late thanks to the joy of sleeping pills.
  • I felt okay for a little while, so I lay in bed and surfed the internet until I had to take the drugs again.
  • The laptop did not crash.
  • David dealt with the Phoenix electric company.
  • My daughter came home from school and immediately became my cuddler and watched Glee with me on the laptop.
  • David departed for a fun weekend of games at the beach with his friends, which he only gets to do about once a year.
  • Lynette and Joe had us over for dinner and picked us up (even though they live down the street) since I can’t really walk or drive yet.
  • The Joester of Love made us a feast of roast beef.
  • I had a big bowl of blueberries with a dash of vanilla bean ice cream. Yum…
  • Most of all, today was the last day of drugs, so by tomorrow I might be feeling a bit better.

Okay, we had one bad thing: my Blazers lost and Marcus Camby hurt his ankle. You can’t win them all.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for all those things above.
  • I’m lighter! I took very good care of myself today.

Blue screen of death… or illness

Vista Blue Screen of Death - Dell Inspiron 1520
Photo by Srinath TV
Pretty much what mine looked like, except sitting on my bed

I tried to come on here earlier today to write a post. I figured I could give it a try in between lying down and trying to eat and sleeping and trying to read.

Suddenly, out of a clear blue sky, the screen went blue. I could not resuscitate it. I tried turning it off, but when I turned it back on, all I got was a black screen telling me I had no internal hard drive. This was rather distressing.

Ultimately, I decided it was a sign that I was not meant to go on the computer today. I turned it off and did the only possible thing: I waited for Quinland to get home. Whenever we have an electronic disaster, David always hollers, “Quick! Get the youngest person in the room!”

Sure enough, she came home and turned it on and it worked beautifully. She had been doing her important school paper on Google Docs like a child genius, so she wasn’t overly worried, but I hadn’t backed anything up since – wait for it – April 26, 2010. So I was a little stressed. Yes, indeed, I started backing up to my external hard drive immediately. Nothing like a good scare to make you do what you should have done long ago. Motivation by Terror, you know.

It’s been lovely to chat, but I should go back to bed. A hearty welcome to all the new folks who dropped by my little blog today; please come again!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m so grateful! to Mr. Connor Hall for the ride to leg therapy. I soooo needed that tonight. And for They Might Be Giants, for writing an awesome song like Your Racist Friend.
  • I’m lighter! I’m getting some rest, and I actually backed up the computer. These are minor sorts of accomplishments, indeed, but I also improved my mind by extensive reading.