Sleeping? Pills?

I am exhausted. I need to sleep.

I am tempted to stay awake because I still have one more dose of medication due in about two hours.

I feel absolutely wiped out. I’ve been fighting a cold all week. I’m beginning to feel sad for no reason. These are all things that would be helped by getting more sleep.

My leg has been bothering me because I have that cold. (Anything that kicks my immune system into play causes my MS symptoms to act up.) When I miss a dose of meds, there is the distinct potential for lost time the next day due to my body giving me grief. So I should take the drugs, right?

I think I have decided to choose the sleep. Even if I feel bad physically tomorrow, at least I’ll be well-rested! If I choose to stay up to take the drugs (or to have David wake me when it is time to take them), I will be even more tired and there is no guarantee that I will feel well, even so.

Hasta mañana. Stay tuned for my report on this experiment.

Edited the next morning to add: I chickened out. I stayed up until 11 pm, took the medicine, and then took some melatonin so I’d be sure to sleep — and got 8.5 hours! I’m still exhausted, but every little bit helps.

sleeping pills by madamepsychosis / CC BY