I may be a rock, but I am apparently not an island

Little Island
Photo by Randy Son of Robert

Yeah… I didn’t go to the gym.  The whole “I am responsible! I make my own decisions!” thing only goes so far when one of your family cars is not working and you are not the one who has the working car that day.  I did, however, get up early this morning and do a walking video (it was pouring rain), and I have a very firm commitment from the fam that we will be going to the gym tomorrow.  Check back in with me later and I’ll let you know how that goes.

(In other news, someone bid on the American Girl “Nicki” doll, which had an opening bid of $99.00.  Hooray!)

How about you?  Have you been going to the gym?  Selling exciting stuff on eBay? Getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Did you know you can actually write comments on this blog?  Try it – it’s pretty cool.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! as always, that I have money in the bank to pay the bills.  I can never forget how lucky that makes me.
  • I’m lighter! by quite a bit of money, since paying all those bills… ok, I’m only half kidding.  I did use my time well today (bill paying, cooking, exercising).

Santa’s little helpers

I was so focused on selling American Girl stuff on eBay that I just missed the deadline for posting.  This also means that it is midnight and I am not yet in bed.  Uh, oh…

It has seriously seemed like a toy shop around here tonight.  We have scheduled another 13 sets of doll clothes to post tomorrow, which almost wraps up the AG extravaganza, but we have barely made a dent in the pile of stuff we’d like to list.

FlyLady says not to bother selling stuff online, because it is more hassle than it is worth.  I definitely agree that it is a lot of hassle, but I have a feeling that it might be worth it.   The 24 things we posted last week will end at 6 pm tomorrow, and so far have tallied $212 on the current bids alone.  There are a lot of people watching some of the items, so I have high hopes for them.  The ones we are posting tomorrow are pretty good, too.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the chance to get an after-steroids massage today, and for all the hard work David has put in on this eBay stuff this weekend.
  • I’m lighter! I worked a ton on the kitchen tonight, trying to figure out what it is about it that bothers me, and trying to determine what I can do – at a reasonable price – to make it better.  We worked a ton on eBay stuff, of course, and I cooked a fabulous meal, did dishes and laundry, too.  Also had a lovely chat with my dad, now that I am getting my voice back.

Checking in with the priority to-do list

NEWS FLASH – It snowed here tonight.  Some of you in snowy regions are not impressed, but we were thrilled.  

I have been feeling better bronchitis-wise the last two days, and I am optimistic about the weekend, steroid-wise.  No reason, really… I just am hopeful that I am getting more accustomed to it each month.  That said, we have Things To Do, Baby!

Before the To Do List, here’s my Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the snow, for the Mountain Man, and for all the fun blogs I find through Bower Power comments.
  • I’m lighter! I took good care of my finances, by going in to work; my body, by leaving at a decent hour when I needed rest; my relationships, by playing a few hands of Speed with Q when I didn’t feel like it (but had fun anyway!).


One of the items that has already gotten a bid! Hooray!

* NEW * Post as much stuff on eBay as humanly possible.  (Replaces the former “Prepare listings for eBay.”) This weekend is our last chance to post things pre-Black Friday.  So if someone’s little girl would be delighted with a rare Bitty Baby outfit or four, I want them to know that they can get it from us, before they run out to Toys ‘R Us and get this year’s fad.  The more we sell, the more money we have for Europe.  Update: 3 sold items; 23 active items, 4 with bids, 13 being watched, 1 with over 600 views.  Next action: Iron all the outfits so Quinland can take photos and David can crank out the posts.

Get a new garbage disposal / install it — the current one has a crack in it, and if you use it, it sprays gunk around under the sink.  Next action:  Buy a new garbage disposal.  Okay, I won’t really be able to drive tomorrow, but maybe I can convince D to run to Home Depot this weekend, maybe Sunday after we post everything at 6 pm. (Why 6? So the auctions close by bedtime on the East Coast.)

Car registration — expired September 30.  Could get ticketed at any time.  Next action: Find out when DEQ is open.  Done; closed Sun, Mon, open til 7 pm Wed, open til 5:30 other days.  Next action: Go to Sherwood DEQ on Wed this week.  Done!  Both cars are registered.  Next action:  Put the dang stickers on the cars.  I can definitely do this.

Call the accountant and sign papers — need to do ASAP.  Don’t want to hear from the IRS!  Next action:  Call accountant and set a time to meet.  Done; got voice mail.  Next action: call if he doesn’t call back by Tuesday pm.  Done; he called, we met, and David and I have signed the papers.  Next action: Fax the papers back so he can efile.  Done!  Next action: wait to see how long it takes for money to appear in the bank. (Uh, oh – the state efile didn’t go through, so the next action becomes sign the state papers and mail them in.)

Basement room cleanout — Greg wants to move in on Halloween.  Room is basically empty, but we need to take down shelves, dust and vacuum.  We really need to paint, but might not get to that.  “Might” not, ha ha…  Don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.  Next action:  Dust and vacuum tonight.  DoneNext action: Spackle/repair screw holes in walls.

Call Kaiser for an eye appointment – they called a month ago or more and told me they want to check me for cataracts.  I don’t know if this is preventive or if they are really suspicious.  Next action: Call Kaiser for appointment.  Called them, but ophthalmology is only open M-F.  Next action: Call Kaiser for appointment on Monday.  Done.  Next action: Go to appointment on Thursday.  Done!  Apparently the pulse steroids I take monthly for the MS can cause cataracts and glaucoma, so this was a baseline.  Optic nerve photos done!  (I am still seeing spots before my eyes.)  Next action: Call and schedule visual field exam. Done! Next action: Go to visual field exam next Tuesday morning, 11/22.

Put away the patio furniture – because it is rainy now and the furniture is made of wood and I don’t want it to get ruined.  Next action:  Either wait for a dry day, or bring wet furniture into garage.  Partially done; one piece in, 5 pieces undercover.  Next action: Bring the 5 pieces in.

Girl Scout financials — were due June 30, 2011.  If I don’t get them in by December 1, my girls may not be able to sell cookies.  Next action:  Find all bank statements.

Girl Scout registrations — should have been in by October 1.  Girls can’t go to another meeting or event until I make sure they are all registered.  Next action:  Check Personify website.

Call my new Girl Scout co-leader and apologize for being so behind — I cannot imagine what the poor woman is thinking.  I don’t want her to decide she doesn’t want to work with me.  Next action:  Call.  Done; got voice mail.  Next action: call if she doesn’t call back by Sunday pm.  Done; sent email.  We will meet at/after Girl Scout meeting on Nov 7th.  All done!  and she was very understanding.

Get a new faucet for the kitchen and install it – old one is leaking.  The last thing we want is drywall damage behind the kitchen cabinets.  Next action:  Drive to Home Depot and buy a faucet.  All done!  Mr. Manfranjensen came by and fixed the whole thing.  We didn’t even need a new faucet!

Fix the oven door handle — also completely detached.  It is very hard to use the oven and I don’t want to damage the handle further.  Next action:  Figure out if we have the screw or need to get one.  Done – we have it.  Also tried to take the door apart and a metal piece fell into the door.  Ended up taping the handle to the oven door.  Not a good look.  Next action: Call someone to come out and fix the oven door.  All done!  Mr. Manfranjensen fixed this after he fixed the faucet!

Fix the handrail on basement steps – it is completely detached as one of the kids banged into it and the bracket snapped.  Someone could fall and break their neck.  Next action: Unscrew bracket from wall for sample.  Drive to Home Depot and buy a new bracket.  Done.  Next action: Install the new bracket.  Done!  All done!  Good job, us!