Tackling the energy deficit

One of the metrics I’m using to determine the state of my health this year is my energy level. I’m taking a measurement every day on the following scale:

1 = stuck in bed all day

2 = bare minimum tasks (up, dressed, ate something, went to work or doctor’s appointments)

3 = also got some necessary things done (dishes, laundry, bills paid, made an actual meal)

4 = had energy left to have some fun! (see a friend, play a game, watch a movie, do a craft)

5 = had enough energy for plenty of fun! (something big: see a concert, go on a hike, go to a day-long event)

When I was working five days a week, I was living at a level 1 or 2. I was going through the motions to accomplish the bare minimum, but nothing else was getting done. I’d basically drag myself home and go straight to bed, then wake up and do it again. Weekends were spent in bed trying to recuperate to get ready for the next week.

The three-day schedule has given me a lot of that energy back. I still have days in bed, but I’m pretty solidly at level 2 or 3 most of the time, with an occasional foray into level 4.

My hope, of course, is that improving my diet and exercise will help with the MS fatigue, and that my energy level will rise accordingly. I need to hit level 4 on a regular basis so I can actually see my friends outside of work!

Dr.Zarkov, Begin the Energy Flow !” by Lew (tomswift) Holzman / CC BY

Today is the second day of the rest of my life

Ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to invest in myself and take my health goals to the next level in 2018. I’ve signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching. Don’t worry — this post is not sponsored, it’s not an ad, and nobody is twisting my arm to tell you about it. I’m just going to be focusing a lot of time on it this year, so I figured I’d give you a heads-up in case I refer to it along the way.

I’m really excited. I decided on the PN program because it’s not gimmicky; it’s not a fad diet or some crazy weightlifting extravaganza that would be beyond my abilities. It’s habit-based — you learn habits of eating and moving that help you get healthier now and help keep you healthy into the future. (Okay, that sounds cheesy, but that is what I want: something that works for the long haul.) Continue reading “Today is the second day of the rest of my life”

Come on everybody, do your exercise!

NaBloPoMo Day 16

I’m going to lose 50 pounds in the next year.

How am I going to make this phenomenal transformation? I’ve decided to make one healthy change a week and let the progress of each week build on the previous week.

This past week, I decided to go back to using my CPAP machine. Getting oxygen to my brain seemed like a good place to start. It’s been a bit of a challenge. It dries out the inside of my mouth, which has gotten to be pretty painful, and makes my face cold when I sleep. The cats seem afraid of it, so they keep away more, which is a plus.

Next week, I am going to start moving my body again. Each day, I need to do something – a walk, some strength training, yoga – to improve my fitness. I’ve decided not to be any more specific than that, because I want to work it in naturally. I’m not setting a time limit yet, either; if I decide to stop walking after 5 minutes, I can. I have a feeling, though, that once I get out there, I’ll just keep going.

I need to make these things so easy for myself that they become habits.