Let sleeping girls lie

I’ve been feeling like the most underwhelming blogger lately.  There are so many blogs out there that educate or focus on a particular topic or “add value” to their readers’ lives, while this blog is just a glimpse into my life and my thoughts, and lately that’s felt pretty darn boring. Being sick and tired isn’t really glamorous, you know!

But it’s obvious that this blog is about me, and I can only assume that anyone reading has at least a passing interest in that topic. So I’m going to keep plugging away.

That said, I should let you know: My past is catching up with me.

Not some nefarious past, just the past couple of weeks of travel and illness and stress. It’s funny, really, the way you don’t realize how tired you have actually become until you just collapse.

I came up to Camas to spend the day at Danny and Heidi’s, but after a couple of hours, I started feeling unwell and decided to lie down for twenty minutes  or so. HA! I woke up hours later, totally disoriented. When I asked why no one woke me up, Kaitlin told me that she’d tried, but after talking to me and shaking me hadn’t worked, it seemed better just to let me sleep.

Luckily, I got up in time to call Central Bark, where Bonesy was spending the day, to arrange for him to spend the night, as well. I managed to stay awake long enough to eat some dinner, but then promptly fell back to sleep once again.

Spotted outside Los Potrillos, where Danny took me to get food. I was greatly amused.

It’s 4:00 AM now. I’m awake, but just barely, and mostly because I fell asleep while typing this and the phone fell out of my hands and hit the floor with a loud BOOM that scared the bejesus out of me. I still feel like I could sleep all day and not feel any more rested.

Super dull Sunday

Oh, the irony.

I totally hit level 4 on the energy scale yesterday. I cleaned house with David. I walked the dog around the block. I hung a shelf in Quinland’s bathroom that I have been meaning to put up for over a dozen years. (It took ten minutes. Why do we do this to ourselves?)

Then I decided to figure out how much of my scrapbook collection I actually need, and how much can just get sold on eBay. This will be a long job, so I told myself I’d start with thirty minutes, and I ended up working on it for an hour.

Then things got fun. We dressed up in our finest hats to go to Franzfest, a celebration I created years ago when my friend Ina was dreading the anniversary of her dad’s death. (He was a gentleman who appreciated fine dining, classy artwork, and jaunty headwear, so we incorporate them whenever possible.) A large group of us had dinner at Gustav’s in his honor, and a good time was had by all.

I’m sure you can guess the punchline: I totally overdid it, and now I’m barely able to get out of bed. (It’s 3:00 pm and the dog just started licking my face as though to revive the body of a stranger he found on the side of the road, so I got up, took my medicine, and gave him some food.)

I’m going to attempt to stay upright and push this day into level 2. There’s a pile of papers on my desk that I need to get to. The dog and I really should take a walk. All that laundry I washed yesterday isn’t going to fold itself. I haven’t been to church yet, but if I can rally, I’ll go to 5:30 Mass with the very few faithful who aren’t watching the Super Bowl.

All I want to do is go right back to bed.

(I saw this at Goodwill but didn’t buy it, because I’m well-stocked already.)