Oscar madness

We are mad at the 2018 Oscar broadcast. I was not feeling well (UTI! Woo!), so Gina recorded the show so we could all watch it together. However, although we added 30 minutes to the recording, it went over even that. Way over. As in, we missed the Best Actress and Best Picture sections.

This is infuriating. Why in the world do they not just schedule the freaking thing for the appropriate amount of time? It can’t be hard to look in the archives, see how long the average acceptance speech actually takes, and then factor that in with the length of your features! Argh. Trying to bribe winners with a jet ski doesn’t cut it. Let them have their freaking moment. Don’t steal that because you make bad decisions.

Gina, as a screenwriter, is especially angry at the Academy Award producers. I am less angry, mostly because I’m in serious bladder pain and am dealing with this weird MS thing where my body temperature feels completely out of whack and I had to leave in the middle to stand under burning water in the shower until my teeth stopped chattering. My life is bizarre.

I go home tomorrow. I miss David horribly, I miss Bonesy, and I can’t wait to see Hudson Taylor on Wednesday. (OMG! Pinch me!) But my time with my sister is always so much fun (and goes by so dang fast!) that I hate to leave.

Little MS cranky

If staring at the phone could cause it to ring, I’d be a lot happier.

So I rolled over in bed on Friday night and my right leg – the good one – hit David and felt creepy. (Creepy is a scientific term for when it feels like you are being touched through a wetsuit. You know you are being touched, but you can’t feel it properly.)

I have been to the neurologist a time or two in my day, so I made a critical medical decision and ordered David to get a safety pin and poke me with it. Sure enough, the poking did not hurt any part of my leg, but did hurt my arm. In the world of MS symptomology, this is what is known as Not Good. Continue reading “Little MS cranky”

This MS is my kryptonite

Whine alert! I am feeling sorry for myself. Hopefully I’ll pull myself out of my funk by the end of this post… because the blog is like therapy for me, you know.

I have been working on stuff like crazy: housework, decluttering work, paperwork, work work… and then I wake up this morning with a weird leg. There are never words to describe it, not even to the doctors. It’s not pain; it’s bothersome and distracting and annoying. Pins and needles. Tingly. Numb-ish. Just generally not right. Some questions, some tests, some discussions with Kaiser neurology… and I get to do three days of mega-prednisone, starting tonight. Hooray, I’m for the other team.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the superpowers of prednisone. I really do. It is good that there is something that stops a flare-up from really bursting into flame. But it wipes me out. That I don’t like.

I was doing well! I was being productive! I was saving the world, one Goodwill box at a time! Then this darn MS has to rear its ugly head and rob me of my superpowers. Hmph.

It is annoying to be home sick, surrounded by stuff you want to be doing, but needing to lie down because you have taken 200 times the normal amount of a steroid. It is frustrating. I am deeply disappointed. (Some of you know that this is my rephrase whenever Quinland says, “That sucks.”  Oh, you are deeply disappointed?)

So… argh. Dagnabit. Rats’n-frats’n MS. Blaaaaaaaaah.

OK, still in a funk. I think I will go double down and watch the Blazer game. Then I will dutifully swallow the horse pills and know that I am taking good care of myself by slowing down for a few days. Even superheroes need a break sometimes.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! to Lynette and Joe for making it possible for me to get to Kaiser today.
  • I’m lighter! … I’d better go find something to get rid of. There: I got rid of a book.