Stand and deliver!

I have been sorting paperwork all day.

Last night, when I got started, I brought all the papers I needed to go through into my bedroom and spread them out on the bed. Today, I spread the piles out on my desktop and sorted them there.

I got to thinking… I really work better standing than sitting. It energizes me and keeps me focused on the task for much longer. I know that sitting all day is stressful on your body, as well.

So I decided to google “standing desks” and see what I could find. I was amazed at the different options I found.

Uncle Alex Stand Up Desk (2010 model)
As found at
option5.jpg (22096 bytes)
As found at
From Martina at

I think I might try it. Have you ever used a standing desk?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that I got to have dinner with Lynette tonight. We had a girl night while the boys played poker.
  • I’m lighter! I got rid of 10 items out of my closet today.