Fun with yoga

Disclaimer: Totally not me. But this is what I see when I look around in class.
Disclaimer: Totally not me. But this is what I see when I look around in class. Inspiring, yes; demoralizing… perhaps.

Over the past couple of months, I have rededicated myself to Bikram Yoga – the one with the 105-degree room and all the sweat – because it makes me feel wonderful.

Ultimately, that is. All along the way, however, it’s a different story. Its challenging and difficult and HOT.

The first challenge is mental. I don’t have to convince myself that I want to go; in fact, usually I spend my entire week saying, “I really need to go to yoga. I can’t wait to go to yoga. You know what I need? Yoga.” What I have to psych myself up for is the time commitment. A Bikram Yoga class is 90 minutes long from start to finish, not including the getting-into-your-skimpy clothing-and-staking-a-claim-to-your-space time nor the additional getting-all-that-sweat-off-and-packing-up time. That puts you at about two hours between the time you arrive at the studio and when you leave. To top it off, the two closest studios to me recently closed, so I get to drive 20-30 minutes each way to get to the one out in Beaverton. All of you with your Math Hats on can see that this is an easy three hours out of my day. I’m finding it easier to commit to that on Mondays and Fridays (now that I am off work on those days), but any more than that, no matter how good for my health, is not going to happen.

The second challenge is psychological. That skimpy clothing I mentioned is necessary because of the heat, but not something I usually put on… and having to stare at myself in the mirror dressed this way, while surrounded by the young and fit, is a bit demoralizing. Similarly humbling is my inability to do all the poses without wobbling, wavering, falling over, and otherwise drawing attention to myself. I am fully aware that I am – in the infamous words of my child – “diseased,” and that yoga is all about your own practice, your own goals, your own improvement, but I am apparently shallow enough to wish I looked a little better while I actually do it. And then there is the heat. Some days, like today, it is all I can do to just stay in the room for the entire time without feeling like I am going to be sick whenever I try to do a pose.

But right now, a couple of hours later, all of that nonsense has faded into the background. I am less stiff and sore than I have been all week. I’m glad that I have exercised, proud of myself for having put the three hours in, and relaxed and sleepy enough to go to bed early.

Good night!

Rules to live by

Photo by Banalities

About a year ago, David created some rules for me to follow for optimum healthiness.  (These rules, of course, were created in response to what I had trouble doing consistently.)

  1. Take your medicine. (Gabapentin needs to be taken very regularly, or it messes with your brain.)
  2. Keep cool.  (He added that one yesterday.)
  3. Get good sleep. (I tend to stay up way too late.)
  4. Eat good food. (We should add, “Grocery shop” to the list, or there will never be food to eat.)
  5. Drink lots of water. (Oooh – that’s the one I am best at.)
  6. Get good exercise. (Yep.  I should do that.)
  7. Do one thing at a time.
  8. Don’t try to do too much.

Those are the rules.  More on them later…  I have a girl to cuddle with who hasn’t seen her mama all day.

  • {Clutter} released:  A duplicate copy of the Portland Trail Blazers 2007-2008 Yearbook and two magazines.

Come on in! The water’s fine!

moby into the blue

Q convinced me to put on a bathing suit and go to the pool tonight. We got there just in time to see the end of an “Aqua Zumba” class, which I was enthusiastically invited to join by the instructor in the cute little swim skirt. It had a “Simon Says” feel to it that made it seem like a game, my leg felt amazing in the water, the people in the class were super friendly… Aqua Zumba is my new favorite exercise!

  • {Clutter} released: 5 items from my closet and 7 cardboard magazine holders.
  • {Body Fat} released: Lots of water exercise (30+ minutes) after Aqua Zumba, and then Q and I went in and did more weight training on stuff we hadn’t worked yesterday. Pretty much perfect eating as well, including an early and healthy dinner.
  • {Stress} released: Home from work by 5:15 which gave me the time to do all of the above.

moby:into the blue” by Lali Masriera / BY CC