Ubiquitous capture (aka The Master Task List)

Remember the mess on the floor of my desk?  All of that stuff preys on my mind every day.  What is in there?  Are there things I am supposed to be doing?  Are there unpaid bills or uncashed checks?  Will I find things I thought were lost forever, or will I start looking through it and then, feeling sick and angry with myself, push the piles away?

Well, now that I am implementing the Mind Organization for Moms program (a new way to implement Getting Things Done by David Allen), I will get rid of the piles and get rid of the stress.  I will have everything stored in my Trusted System, so I won’t have to worry about it.  I am going to corral my stuff and empty my mind into one safe location.  I’ll get these ideas and goals and tasks off my brain, freeing my mind up to continue on this organizational journey.

I’ll keep you posted as this progresses.  In the meantime, are any of you GTDers?  Do you have everything stored in a trusted system?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for a really productive day at work today.  Good job, me!  I’m also glad Greg introduced us to China Delight – yum!
  • I’m lighter!  I got up (spontaneously, without an alarm) before 6 this morning, and managed to do laundry and clean two bathrooms before D and Q got up.  I also worked on my Mind Organization for Moms stuff tonight, setting up my system and gathering things into my Inbox.

Doing… doing… done!

Photo by jean-louis zimmermann

I have been thinking about Getting Things Done, David Allen’s book about “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” all evening. The idea behind GTD is that you get all your worries and ideas and plans and to-do’s out of your brain and into a secure system that stores them “offline” for you, leaving your mind at peace.  Just think of it!  I have had the book and entertained the idea for years, but I have not had much confidence in my ability to actually implement a system with any consistency. However, this was before I was imbued with the fighting Patti spirit.  Now, I will take on the whole GTD concept and see if it works for me.

Actually, it is not the original David Allen way of Getting Things Done (pictured above) that I am going to try, but an offshoot called M.O.M.s, or Mind Organization for Moms, which I found at the website, “The Power of Moms.”  I can tell you just which blurb called to me:  “Stop that ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ feeling you get a hundred times a day when you realize you forgot to do something important.”  I am interested to see if it stops that “What is up with Lori?!  She was supposed to [bring / mail / call / ask / send / do] _____ for me, and I haven’t heard back from her in weeks!” feeling that other people have been getting a hundred times a day when they realize I forgot to do something important.  That would be awesome.

I am still Patti today (although it started to wear off a couple of hours ago), so I must go to sleep.  But I am optimistic about this whole mind organization idea.  Even if it seems just like another shiny new scheme.

{Clutter} released:  Burned my way through another big stack of newspapers.

{Perfectionism} released: Started the Master Task List that is the starting block for Getting Things Done.  I worried that I did not have every last task list in front of me, but I made the decision to go with what I had and just do it.