99 things– #61 through #65

I found a list of 99 things, and I will be bolding the ones I’ve done and explaining a bit about each. Because I have a tendency to yammer on, I am doing 5 of the 99 at a time.

61. Sold Girl Scout Cookies. Oh, my goodness, yes. Technically, I was never a Girl Scout myself, though I did a stint as a CampFire Blue Bird and sold Almond Roca in 1st grade. But I was a Girl Scout Leader for many years and that definitely counts! Yes, the girls do the bulk of the cookie selling themselves, but their parents/leaders are always deputized into bringing the order form to work. (My humblest apologies, coworkers of the past! and I hereby promise to buy your daughters’ cookies, coworkers of the future!)girl-scout-cookie-cluster Continue reading “99 things– #61 through #65”

Cookie madness

Another season of Girl Scout Cookie sales has come to an end.

cookie madness

Another season of…

  • Girls being nervous about asking the neighbors to buy cookies…
  • Schlepping the order form (and the cookies) to and from work…
  • Borrowing all the cash out of the money envelope and having to write a big check at the end…
  • Sitting in the freezing cold (and the blessed sunshine, at times this year) at booth sales…
  • Hearing “Thanks anyway! Have a nice day!” many, many times, always cheerfully…
  • Thanking everyone who bought cookies, encouraged the girls, reminisced about being a Girl Scout, and/or said, “Keep the change!” It makes it all worthwhile.

In case you missed out and need a box of Samoas or Tagalongs, let me know! I can definitely hook you up.

Tree to tree

Quinland and her fellow Girl Scouts had decided to spend their cookie earnings on a trip to Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure Park, and the long-awaited trip finally took place last weekend. I went along.  Dang, it was cool.

The trees have platforms built around them at various levels. They have different “elements” that you walk across to get from tree to tree, all of which are crazy obstacle course-style things – tightropes, stilts, seesaws, stepping stones – way up in the air. They have six different courses of varying heights and difficulties, all of which have at least one zipline.

These are the lower three courses; the others are higher and scarier. In fact, we didn’t see the Black Diamond course until we were in the parking lot, leaving, because you have to get to it by way of another high course we didn’t do.

There was some doubt as to whether I would actually go up in the trees or just watch from the ground. I knew that if I felt well, I could totally do it; I’m not afraid of heights, and you don’t need to be afraid safety-wise, because you are always clipped to a line that will keep you from falling.

Q is quite afraid of heights, so the whole idea was pretty tough for her, but she was amazingly brave and made it through course after course for three hours.


And as for me?

Oh, yeah, baby. I absolutely did it. I stayed on the two lower courses with Quinland, but I cruised on through and ziplined like a pro. Okay, not exactly like a pro. My shirt rode up and my gut hung out and I spun around in a very unsuitable way… but I did it.


I was proud. Though I admit to a little of my structural integrity phobia seeping through my courage when people on the courses above us (literally above!) would come zipping in on a zipline and slam feetfirst into the platform. Yikes!

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