Today is the second day of the rest of my life

Ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to invest in myself and take my health goals to the next level in 2018. I’ve signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching. Don’t worry — this post is not sponsored, it’s not an ad, and nobody is twisting my arm to tell you about it. I’m just going to be focusing a lot of time on it this year, so I figured I’d give you a heads-up in case I refer to it along the way.

I’m really excited. I decided on the PN program because it’s not gimmicky; it’s not a fad diet or some crazy weightlifting extravaganza that would be beyond my abilities. It’s habit-based — you learn habits of eating and moving that help you get healthier now and help keep you healthy into the future. (Okay, that sounds cheesy, but that is what I want: something that works for the long haul.) Continue reading “Today is the second day of the rest of my life”

Come on everybody, do your exercise!

NaBloPoMo Day 16

I’m going to lose 50 pounds in the next year.

How am I going to make this phenomenal transformation? I’ve decided to make one healthy change a week and let the progress of each week build on the previous week.

This past week, I decided to go back to using my CPAP machine. Getting oxygen to my brain seemed like a good place to start. It’s been a bit of a challenge. It dries out the inside of my mouth, which has gotten to be pretty painful, and makes my face cold when I sleep. The cats seem afraid of it, so they keep away more, which is a plus.

Next week, I am going to start moving my body again. Each day, I need to do something – a walk, some strength training, yoga – to improve my fitness. I’ve decided not to be any more specific than that, because I want to work it in naturally. I’m not setting a time limit yet, either; if I decide to stop walking after 5 minutes, I can. I have a feeling, though, that once I get out there, I’ll just keep going.

I need to make these things so easy for myself that they become habits.

Whoooo! Whoooo!

NaBloPoMo Day 14:
Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am a night owl. I am the Great Horned Night Owl of night owls. Not so much because of how late I stay up, but because of how much I am not a morning person. You see, the number of hours of sleep I get is irrelevant. It makes no difference if I go to bed at 3 AM or right after an early dinner – if you wake me up early, I am miserable.

I love to wake up naturally. It would be wonderful to be self-employed and able to set my own hours, though I wonder if I would ever want to get out of bed if left to my own devices! Yes, I know I would; I see how productive I am on Saturday mornings after I have been allowed to sleep as long as I need to sleep. (I almost wrote “on weekend mornings,” but our parish has recently gone to a single Sunday morning Mass, so we have to leave the house at 9 instead of 10. This means I have to set an alarm, just like a work day! It’s very sad.)

When we came home from Europe last year, I took advantage of being jet-lagged to keep on my same sleep schedule and get up at 5 AM Portland time each day. It was awesome for making it to 6:00 hot yoga! It only lasted for a few weeks, though, until I needed to wake up with my little broken-leg Q throughout the night. It showed me, though, that my night-owl tendencies are not due to the sunlight or lack thereof, but just the way my body clock is set. So all I need is another trip to Europe to reset it! That’s the perfect excuse to go (and I can see a Hudson Taylor show while I’m at it.)