Fred and ginger

I just finished dyeing Quinland’s hair red.

You see, it’s Spirit Week at the high school, and they are doing a Hogwarts theme:

  • Monday – Wizard Attire
  • Tuesday – Dress like a Death Eater (wear all black)
  • Wednesday – Weasley Twin Day
  • Thursday – Mrs. Weasley Sweater Day (aka ugly holiday sweaters)
  • Friday – House Colors (each grade is one of the Hogwarts Houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff)

Q decided she was going to be Fred Weasley for the week, and we discussed how she could look the most Weasley-like. One obvious quality was missing: all Weasley’s are redheads, so pulling off the ginger look was going to be paramount. After quickly polling her cohorts on Facetime or Snapchat or whatever the heck they use now, it was decided by all that she should definitely dye her hair.

I have never dyed hair; I once helped someone touch up their roots, but it was nothing like this. The directions were scary! Apparently the hair dye a) can cause horrible skin reaction and anaphylactic shock; and b) can explode if left in the container. (Let’s add “smells really bad,” though that wasn’t in the literature.)

As we finished up and we were rinsing out the dye, Quinland was asking me over and over, “How does it look? How red is it? What does it look like?” but honestly, it looked exactly the same to me. Dark blond hair and “Reddish Blonde” hair look exactly alike when they are wet, so we traipsed upstairs to blow dry it. Let me assure you, it is red. Not the flaming orange color of Fred and George Weasley’s hair, but a very definite red. Strangely, it is darker around the edges. Perhaps Q’s hair is darker there, too, but I just don’t notice it. I must say, I was very impressed with how it looks. It doesn’t have that flat, obviously-dyed look, which one might have expected from a six-dollar box of Miss Clairol.

Oh, speaking of Miss Clairol – did I mention that the dye is permanent? Yep. Quinland was actually more worried about that than I was; I figure her hair is so short that she’ll be cutting all the red off in no time. It’s so cute, though, and looks so natural, that I wouldn’t be surprised if she keeps it for a while.