Back in the groove

We had a mini reunion tonight!

Old friends gathered at Laurie’s house, some of whom I met in 1977, some of whom I had not seen since 1984. Yet we fell right back into conversation with an ease that we might not even have had back then. (A group of 50-something-year-old women tend to be much more comfortable in their own skin than when they were teens!)

We remembered things about each other, too, small things that we might not have expected to recall: where we each ended up going to college, who was in whose homeroom back in junior high, which boy once ate worms on a dare. Alison remembered I’d been a National Merit Semifinalist, Julie remembered I’d had mono our junior year, Loie remembered I’d lived just over the fence from Robinwood School. So it went with each of us. Parents, siblings, carpools, piano lessons — all the everyday details of life, still locked in our minds after 30 or 40 years.

Considering I had practically vanished from sight after I moved to Oregon for school (“You live far away! You lift right out!”), I’ve had to rely on Facebook for any current news of everyone else. But all the old stuff? It’s amazing how it stays with you.

Senior portraits- Class of 2017

My incredible child just finished his last year of high school. Avid photographer that he is, he took some senior portraits for a couple of friends that turned out really well.  For example, here’s Colin:

The top left is my favorite; Colin chose the bottom right one for the yearbook. Photos by Quinland; lack of high-quality resolution by me.

And here is Quinland himself: Continue reading “Senior portraits- Class of 2017”