Treading water


Raise your hand if you know what a riptide is! You may know it as a rip current (the official term) or an undertow, but we called them riptides when I was young. These are strong, sneaky currents that pull people away from the shore. If you try to swim against it, no matter how strong a swimmer you may be, it will tire you out and you will drown. Kids who grow up in beach towns, like I did, are taught that you don’t struggle; you just let the rip tide carry you along as you float or tread water. Ultimately, it will release you and you can swim back to shore (or, often, walk out; riptides usually circle back to shallow water) and make the long hike back down the beach to your towel and your friends.

Anyway, the moral of the story is this: I have spent much of the last few months caught in the riptide of life. To conserve energy, I have either been floating or treading water most of the time, but as August draws to a close, I’m starting to feel the old riptide loosening its grip on me. I need to be careful about how I get back into the swing of things, since my two speeds seem to be “off” and “reckless endangerment,” but hopefully you will start to hear a bit more from me in the coming weeks!

Hope all of you had a restful summer!

“Undertow” by versageek CC BY

Groundhog blog

You may wonder what shenanigans I’m up to when there is a long gap between posts. More often than not, the answer is simple: more of the same. I’ve been feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, reliving the same days over and over.

  • More fatigue and spending time in bed? Check.
  • Lots of photos of my pets taken from my bed? Check.


  • Not enough time with my friends and family? Check.
  • More need for home organization? Check.
  • Not enough home-cooked meals? Check.
  • More time management schemes attempted? Check.
  • Need to get on a better sleep routine? Check.
  • Addicted to reading Jane Austen fan fiction on my phone? Check.

On and on it goes, ad infinitum. This state of affairs tends to hamstring my motivation to write, since I figure nobody wants to hear me endlessly repeating myself.

I can only hope that, like Phil (Bill Murray’s character in the film), I’m incrementally improving at each of these things, and that someday I won’t need to keep coming back to the same lessons over and over. Someday, I’ll get it right.

(Don’t worry – I know that I won’t ever get everything just right. I’m perfectionistic, I admit, but not delusional. Usually.)

Big things on the horizon

Tomorrow is November 13th,  the day we have been waiting for through all these afternoon and evening rehearsals. Opening Night of the musical is finally here!

Or is it?

Tomorrow is also shaping up to have some crazy winter weather (for Portland in November, at any rate) . The temperature has dropped drastically in the past two days, as the wind picked up right along with it. Our patio furniture (which we ought to have put away already, I know) has all blown down to one end of the deck. Trees are falling all around Portland, knocking out power; we had no lights or heat for about six hours last night. Now the forecasters are battling out their predictions: will it be Snowmagedden 2014 Part II The Sequel, or will it be a mere “wintry mix” of snow, rain, and sleet?

Quinland got home from dress rehearsal tonight proclaiming words I never thought I’d hear from his mouth: “PRAY that we DON’T have snow tomorrow!”

I mean, let’s be honest – every kid loves a snow day! But snow – or freezing rain – on Opening Night of the musical? That would be a disaster.

So bow your heads, cross your fingers, and send good wishes for clear streets our way. The show must go on!