A truth universally acknowledged

NaBloPoMo Day 11:
If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a modern woman trapped within a moving picture for five days must choose Pride and Prejudice.

I daresay I am not the first to admit to this inclination, nor shall I be the last. For what woman has drawn breath in these past two centuries who has not felt a trembling and fluttering of her heart over the love match of Darcy and Elizabeth? (Very well, I do concede there may be such a one, but I can scarcely imagine what manner of conversation we should have, were I to make her acquaintance!)

But before I am run away with by my feelings on this subject, perhaps it is advisable for me to state my reasons for such a choice. First, I believe that one should, whenever possible, experience life outside of the sphere in which she has been brought up. It enlarges the mind in no small degree and greatly increases one’s powers of conversation. Secondly, I could never overlook the opportunity to reside in Regency England. I am a great reader of histories and historical fiction, and thus well aware of the joys to be found in that time and place. The manners! The fashions! The carriages! I should go distracted, were these immediately before me. Thirdly – which perhaps I ought to have mentioned earlier – I would get to meet Mr. Darcy. (I shall spare you my raptures and speak no more of him; I imagine that you have heard enough of that subject.)

In short, I am convinced that a sojourn in Pride and Prejudice, however brief, would add very greatly to my happiness.

What a character!

NaBloPoMo Day 4:
Who is your favorite character of all time?

I may have to revisit this one to name my favorite characters at different points in my life, but no one would believe me if I didn’t say that my favorite character right now is Mr. Darcy.

Yep, good old Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley in Derbyshire.

I have been obsessed with Pride and Prejudice for a couple of years. It started with the 2005 Keira Knightley movie, which led to my rereading of Jane Austen, which led to getting the 1995 BBC miniseries, which led to the internet, which has led to countless hours of Darcy fun. There is a plethora of Jane Austen fan fiction, and I have read every P&P prequel, sequel, and far-fetched fantasy I can get my hands on. (Regency period only, mind you. I don’t like the modern stuff.)

I don’t know what it is about Darcy and me. I like Lizzy Bennet, but somehow Darcy appeals to me more. it’s the brooding, the taciturn unsociability, the smoldering glances of either fault-finding or ardent love. I love fan fiction because people take Darcy to the most interesting extremes, cast him in roles that I find endlessly fascinating, and tell his love story with Elizabeth in hundreds of different romantic ways (often using dozens of different euphemisms for “romance,” which I could really do without).

So let’s raise a glass of port or brandy to Mr. Darcy! Long may the denizens of the fan fiction world keep his story alive.

Mr. Darcy hates my blog


I have dragged myself out of bed to write this post.

Honestly, I had completely forgotten that I’d wanted to post something tonight. For that matter, I hadn’t even remembered that I had a blog. I’d gone peacefully to bed – a mere two hours after I had intended to – without a blogging thought in my mind.

I blame Mr. Darcy.

Yes, that Mr. Darcy. Fitzwilliam Darcy, master of Pemberley, love of Elizabeth Bennet’s life. If it weren’t for him and his fan fiction, I would have happily blogged the evening away.

But no… Jane Austen had to create him, women everywhere had to fall in love with him, and those evil fans over at Meryton.com had to go and write their fan fiction about him.  Fan fiction in which he and Elizabeth anticipate their wedding vows! In which he challenges Wickham to a duel! In which Lydia is banished to Ireland after losing her virtue and becoming with child! In which Bingley jilts Jane!

Yeah, it’s been a busy night over at my house (and at Longbourn as well, apparently). I probably shouldn’t get too down on Darcy; he has distracted me admirably from the fact that I return to work tomorrow after six months off. (He’s also a fine, upstanding partner to me on my phone’s Tichu app. That dastardly Bingley, on the other hand…)

xo – Lori

Daily Check-In:

I’m grateful to Deb and Trav for a lovely barbecue today! We had such a good time. (And to all the Jane Austen fan fiction writers out there: You have my undying gratitude. I am thoroughly diverted.)

I’m also grateful, of course, for the photo by BinaryApe.