Bad dog


I could be writing about how I am 25-7 in the tourney, about how I had Butler and Marshall and Kansas State and Syracuse. (Nobody had Maryland Baltimore County, so I can be forgiven on that one.) But nooooo. . .

I could be writing about how Hudson Taylor are about to go on a meteoric rise (long-predicted by me, if I dare say so myself), about how they were on TV in New York this week, about how they got mentioned by Rolling Stone. But nooooo. . .

And why not, you ask?

Because my frakking dog peed in the house again, not 30 minutes after he was taken outside for the second time in the last hour, and it’s got me in a frenzy. I’m so angry. He was right by me. It’s marking behavior. He doesn’t need to do it. He just wants to declare his ownership of one upholstered leg of a living room chair. It ticks me off.

I hate having to clean up after him. I hate the sight of Nature’s Miracle. I hate that we will never be able to have nice things. I hate the fact that dogs can’t be reasoned with.

I love my dog. I do. But sometimes I understand why such a sweet dog was once a homeless stray.

And why, for the time being, he can’t look me in the eye.

Let the Madness begin!

It’s the first day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, and — thanks to a timely reminder from Quinland — I actually had my bracket ready to go before the first game.

After the first sixteen games, I am 13-3. One of those three losses served me right (I whimsically chose San Diego State over Houston), one could have gone either way (I chose #9 NC State over #8 Seton Hall at the last second), and one was a complete upset. Who would have predicted that fourth-seeded Arizona would get soundly beaten by Buffalo?! Argh.

I did call a couple of upsets, myself. One was another basically-even #8 vs #9, where I chose Alabama over Virginia Tech, but I was thrilled to see that Loyola-Chicago beat Miami with a last-second three-pointer. Q had them, as well, so I got a couple of panicked-then-thrilled live updates from him at the end of the game.

The best thing about Day One, however, is that my Final Four teams — all of whom played today, interestingly — are still alive. Last year, I was seriously hurting after the first round. Fingers crossed that this continues through the second round!