Pray for peace

I can’t call this a “plan” (as I have all my other posts this month) since I couldn’t have anticipated the news of the horrific terrorist attacks that have taken place recently.

There are so few words to express how I feel today. I pray for peace in Paris and in every country where people are suffering and dying. I am horrified by those whose ideology promotes the taking of innocent lives. People everywhere should have the ability to go about their lives without danger and without fear.

Peace for Paris
This peace symbol, Peace for Paris, was created by Jean Jullien. It has been shared countless times around the world in the last 24 hours and has touched the hearts of so many people .

Kicking back at the Jugendherberge

Morning Cup of Tea
Photo by kretyen

I am sitting in a youth hostel in Hannover, Germany. (That’s a “jugendherberge” to you speakers of German.)

I slept here, last night, between starchy sheets, in our private room with a private bathroom. We have a table and four chairs and individual closets for our things. The room – and the whole place – is squeaky clean. The door locks. The furnishings are simple but so nicely made that the underside of the bunkbed above me is finished. Not even the edges of the sheets above me can disturb the order.

Nobody is allowed to sleep in that bed due to my whole structural integrity phobia, but I told Quinland she could sit on it to read if no one was underneath.

We got a free breakfast this morning: cereal with milk, crispy-fresh rolls with meat and cheese (and jam or nutella, if we wanted… and I definitely wanted). David had rye bread with fish and onions and some sort of herb spread. (I wouldn’t eat that even if it weren’t breakfast, but he liked it.) There was what can only be described as a “Tea Bar,” with at least thirty different types of teas. This made up for the fact that there was no hot chocolate, a German youth hostel standard.

While we were eating breakfast, a bunny hopped outside the window right in front us… the window with the view of the river.

I am having one of my worn-out days today, so while David and Quinland are out with our friends Mitch and Maude, I am staying close to my bed. But I have been down to the laundry room a few times to do laundry, and I have wi-fi available for the computer. If I wanted to play pool or ping-pong instead of putting my leg up, I might be able to find someone to play with me. I don’t want to, though… I am happy to just sit and try to catch up on blog posts and relax.

I had a Very Grumpy Day yesterday, and the starkness of white walls and blond wood and the lovely feeling of accomplishing things is soothing. I think this day will be as good for my soul as it is for my body.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for understanding friends and family, and for clean clothing.
  • I’m lighter! thanks to the peacefulness of this hostel. Some hostels are swarming with school groups or screaming kids, but this one is nice. I needed nice. It might help me to be nicer.