Super dull Sunday

Oh, the irony.

I totally hit level 4 on the energy scale yesterday. I cleaned house with David. I walked the dog around the block. I hung a shelf in Quinland’s bathroom that I have been meaning to put up for over a dozen years. (It took ten minutes. Why do we do this to ourselves?)

Then I decided to figure out how much of my scrapbook collection I actually need, and how much can just get sold on eBay. This will be a long job, so I told myself I’d start with thirty minutes, and I ended up working on it for an hour.

Then things got fun. We dressed up in our finest hats to go to Franzfest, a celebration I created years ago when my friend Ina was dreading the anniversary of her dad’s death. (He was a gentleman who appreciated fine dining, classy artwork, and jaunty headwear, so we incorporate them whenever possible.) A large group of us had dinner at Gustav’s in his honor, and a good time was had by all.

I’m sure you can guess the punchline: I totally overdid it, and now I’m barely able to get out of bed. (It’s 3:00 pm and the dog just started licking my face as though to revive the body of a stranger he found on the side of the road, so I got up, took my medicine, and gave him some food.)

I’m going to attempt to stay upright and push this day into level 2. There’s a pile of papers on my desk that I need to get to. The dog and I really should take a walk. All that laundry I washed yesterday isn’t going to fold itself. I haven’t been to church yet, but if I can rally, I’ll go to 5:30 Mass with the very few faithful who aren’t watching the Super Bowl.

All I want to do is go right back to bed.

(I saw this at Goodwill but didn’t buy it, because I’m well-stocked already.)

Plan #8 – Use a hacksaw

I have been slowly turning our spare room into a guest room. Very, very slowly.

We set the room up with a bed, nightstand, and dresser over a year ago when my nephew was staying with us. He moved his stuff in, it looked pretty cool, I was feeling good about the space. But when he moved back home, the room was pretty barren.

At that point, I decided I wanted to have a dedicated guest room. (We’ve lived here ten years, and our guests have been staying in pretty haphazard conditions.) So for the past year, I’ve acquired some things to fix the room up: new sheets, a quilt, some window coverings – but I never got around to putting it all together.

The worst thing? All the unfortunate people who have stayed here this year had to deal with glaring sunshine and/or makeshift window coverings. The blackout shade and the new curtains were right there in the room, but I never managed to get them hung up.

Until now!

Yes, today I broke out the hacksaw and started sawing some metal. See, the Ikea shade I got was sort of one-size-fits-all. You use scissors to cut the shade to fit the window, then saw the extra inches off the metal rod at the top. It took me three tries to get the length right,  so I am now a pro at this whole hacksaw thing. I got to put my skills to use an hour or so later, too, as I hacked down a Goodwill curtain rod for that same window.


Shade = installed; curtains = hung. An excellent day’s work after a year of procrastination.

In related news, my arms are killing me after all this over-my-head drilling and measuring (on top of all the hedge trimming and leaf raking I did this morning). I’m beginning to wonder why I scheduled a massage for 9 AM today instead of 9 PM!

Off to a good start

New cubicles

I worked hard today. Okay, hard is relative. I did no backbreaking labor, didn’t sweat, didn’t work with toxic waste or bodily fluids. But I did come in an hour and a half early, stay an hour late, and take only one thirty-minute lunch… and I still didn’t have time to get done what I needed to do. All this – on top of the Cough and Cold of Death – made it a long, tiring day.

It was the first day of a “new” job for me. A longtime co-worker and friend retired last Friday, and it appears that I am going to take over her workload in addition to my own. She has been on four-day weeks for ten years, so I have been doing her job at least one day a week for all that time, but now that she’s gone, it is all up to me.

I got to make a physical transition, too. Sandy had the big corner cubicle, and I moved my things into it over the past few days. I needed the space for all my accounting stuff as well as all the binders and files her job requires, and the squished space I’ve been in for the past few years wasn’t going to cut it. I like the sun coming in through all my new windows, though I think there will be a learning curve on glare-and-heat management with the vertical blinds.

(Speaking of learning curves, I didn’t know how to do a couple of things I needed to do today, but I figured them out. I’ve got to put that college degree to use somehow…)

I was proud of myself for handling both the old job and the new one today, on top of being so sick. The biggest surprise? My old desk was separate from the main part of the office, so I’ve been completely cut off from all social contact for most of the day, and after three-plus years I think I had gotten really used to it. It felt weird today to be able to hear what people were saying, to hear their phone conversations and hear them chat with one another. I guess I need to be re-socialized!

Any big job changes for you lately? How about difficulties in being around others? I’m sure I’ll get used to it, soon; hopefully I won’t get so used to it that I am distracted from my work!

Thanks to Plutor for the photo.