If it were just me…

Photo by Augustin Ruiz

Today I was talking with someone about how we (David, Q and I) have not been going to the gym.  I was explaining that it was all about scheduling and time constraints, and I said, “If it were just me, I would go on Tuesday, Thursday, and one weekend day, and I’d take a walk early every morning.”

She stopped me and said, “I’m going to repeat that back to you.  You said, ‘If it were just me…’  Who else is it?  You make your own decisions, right?”

I think that I am guilty of using family dynamics as an excuse for why I can’t do something, rather than taking responsibility for my own choices.  I don’t mean that I am being oppressed in some way by David or Quinland; rather, that I have ascribed my own lack of motivation to their lack of motivation… piggybacking, somehow, so that the fault is not all my own.

There are two problems with that:  one, the concept that there is “fault,” as opposed to just a healthy decision or an unhealthy decision; and two, that I am giving up my personal responsibility if I fall back on that.

So, here’s to taking some personal responsibility tomorrow!  I guess I will be up bright and early, taking a walk, and then enjoying some gym time after work.  I’ll keep you posted.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the chance to speak with Q’s teachers at conferences tonight.  They were so gracious and such such insights into what Quinland is like in class.
  • I’m lighter! I used my time VERY well at work today, and it flew by.  Then I went to leg therapy, grocery shopped, went to conferences, cooked dinner, watched Glee with Q, cleaned the kitchen, dropped by this blog, and I am now going to bed.  G’nite!