Snow, wonderful snow!

We had such a balmy January that I began to wonder if we’d have any more snow this winter. After a wonderfully white Christmas, the first month of 2018 brought sixteen days with temperatures over 50°, six of which were over 55°!

This week has brought some wonderful snow, however! It’s fluffy and powdery and gorgeous.

Right after I took this photo this morning, Bonesy took off running and pulled me along like a good little sled dog. Sounds like a good way for him to get some exercise; he’s got a serious case of cabin fever.

David’s school has been closed due to the snow, so he’s had some much-needed grading days. I made it in to work by early afternoon and then worked til 9 pm, but the streets were still pretty good for my drive home. It’s been snowing pretty heavily since then, so we’ll see how tomorrow pans out!

Enjoy your snow days, Portland folks! Try not to think of Quinland basking in 76° weather today out in New York!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

By the time you read this, the snow will be gone. I, for one, will be sad to see it go.

I love the snow.

I grew up in a beach town. I learned to ski in the local Southern California mountains, on snow blown in by snow machines. Snow that falls at my own home, in my own yard, still feels magical to me. Continue reading “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

Snow, beautiful snow!

Those of you in and around the Portland area may be aware that we had snow this week. I say “may” be aware, because it is possible you missed the news coverage of the MAJOR SNOW EVENT! Snow Storm 2012. Snowmagedden. Snowmania.

We actually got a heaping helping of the white stuff up on our little hill. After about 3 inches came down the first night, Q was a bit bent out of shape that she didn’t get a snow day. Heck, she didn’t even get a two-hour late start like David did! She described it as “the worst school day ever.” I asked her why; she said, “I have never felt so trapped in a classroom in my entire life.”

Seeing that her middle school is the local destination on snow days since it has hills galore, I can definitely see her point. It’s one thing to be trapped inside at home on a snowy day; it’s another thing entirely to be trapped in exactly the place you would most like to be, except that you are at a desk instead of on your sled. It would be like being sent to a work conference at Disneyland. In the park.

It didn’t snow in downtown Portland. When I decided to wait until the snow started to melt before I came in to work, I’m sure I sounded like a complete moron, so I emailed a picture to my office of the snow coming down.

The view from Q's bedroom window that I sent to work.
More proof for work: camera phone shot from my driveway, from the driver's seat of my car.

But when I drove into the parking garage, the attendant did a double-take and said, “Where do you live? Mt. Hood?” (I don’t.) I was still worried about getting grief from everyone, so I made a big snowball from my back bumper and carried it into the office for proof.

Still more photographic evidence: the snow still left on my car after I drove to work.

Still, my boss made a point of printing off weather reports from the internet that indicated that there would be NO problems with the commute the next day. (Argh.) That night, as I drove home, there was not a spot of snow anywhere on the roads until you got onto my street, and we still had tons of snow at home. More fell that night (but only at our house, of course…).

The following day, Portland Public Schools had a previously-scheduled two-hour late opening for teacher inservice. (According to Q, this was not fair, either. It’s apparently not the same if not caused by snow.)  David got a two-hour late start due to downed trees (and actually got a two-hour and fifteen minute late start when he couldn’t get to the school because of some other downed trees).

We know we are babies in Portland when it snows. How about in your neck of the woods? Do you blithely drive in three-foot drifts, or does the world shut down for a sprinkling?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the chance to sleep all day after dose #2. (Chance? Heck, I don’t remember a thing about the day. I opened my eyes, thinking it could be any time at all, and it was 2:00 pm. Yowza.)
  • I’m lighter! by six hats, two scarves, some water-bottle carriers, three baskets, a cornucopia, a picture easel, and a pile of blow-up Blazer “things you bang together during free throws.” I am also heavier by three bottles of olive oil (they are all different, I swear) and lemon Chobani, which I never knew existed. I can’t wait for breakfast.