Planner envy

It’s happening again.

I’d resisted buying a new planner this year. I have been working on creating a 5.5″ x 8″ version of last year’s planner so that it would be more portable. It’s already February, though, and I don’t have it ready to “go to print” yet. I’m still tweaking it. Darn perfectionism raised its ugly head. Again.

But then I ran into this beauty in Target today. So simple, yet so practical. Very classy looking. I really, really, really wanted it.

sugar paper signature planner

I bought it. Now I’ve been sitting here trying to decide if this is really the way I want to go. My heart says to stick with the one I’ve carefully created for myself (and to just hurry up and get it done). But the little voice in my mind is saying, “But this one is here! And done! And easy! And close to what you wanted! Keep it! Keeeep it!”

Argh. I’m not going to keep it. Why do I succumb in the first place?!

Stay the course, Lori. Stay the course.

Procrastination… procrastina-a-tion is makin’ me late

Photo by Viktor Hertz

I am listening to an audiobook about procrastination in my car.  The author says that we are inspired to stop procrastinating when the pain of doing so is great enough.

If that’s the case, I have a very high pain tolerance. What am I procrastinating on right now?  I’ll limit this to the first 10 things that come to mind, since there is not enough time in the day to make a comprehensive list.

  • Clearing off my desk.
  • Filing papers.
  • Doing laundry.
  • Getting tax papers in order.  (Of course, I filed an extension!)
  • Getting my Girl Scout financials in.  (They were due June 30th.  I was the Service Unit Manager at the time… basically, the one in charge.)
  • Planning our trip to Europe.
  • Mowing the lawn.  (Luckily, it is pretty much dead right now.)
  • Writing my first book.
  • Going to the gym.
  • Getting my car into the shop.  (It is late for its routine service and now is making a Very Disturbing Noise.)

Yeah…  I’ve got a problem.  Some of those should be causing pain serious enough to make me stop.  I need to add procrastination to the list of things I need to get rid of.  Heck, I need to add a lot of bad habits to that list.

  • {Clutter} released: A handful of stuff from the junk drawer, including a step counter I never liked, a cell phone case, a broken magnet, and a bunch of random bits.

“Do” diligence


There is a tiny square of paper on the bulletin board just to my left.  It is a quote purportedly from Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” 

Yeah.  So is failure.

Part of my mission to release what’s holding me back is to consistently blog about the progress I make each day in order to hold myself accountable.  Yesterday I just plain forgot to post, though I looked at the blog, read the comments, and even talked about it over dinner with friends.

Let’s be honest, here: consistency has never been my strong suit.  I am known as the girl who always has a new scheme, a shiny new plan that is going to solve everything, a new book that will teach me what I need to know to make things work, once and for all, this time.  Until (of course) it doesn’t, and I dart off in search of the next Holy Grail of Life Improvement.

I can see that the common denominator in the failure of every attempt to rehabilitate my life has been my lack of consistent follow-through.   I rarely repeat any action enough to make it a habit.

I need to commit to figuring out why this has been the case and doing whatever I need to do to fix it.  I need to learn diligence and consistency so I can be a more effective person in every one of my roles in life.  I need to be able to model these traits for Quinland.

  • {Body Fat} released yesterday: 39 minute walk with Lynette and Jack and Natalie.
  • {Clutter} released: 10 items of clothing from my closet.

Stars” by Westy / BY CC