Watching my weight

Yes, ladies and gents, I have joined Weight Watchers after a 6-year hiatus.

It’s high time. I have not been at a healthy weight since pre-pregnancy days, for it is 15 years ago this month that I entered the hospital at 5 feet 3 inches tall and 203 lbs.*

(* not a healthy weight for my height)

I would prefer not to reach that weight again, so I decided to nip my bad habits in the bud. What are those bad habits, you ask?

  • Inactivity. I lost 30 lbs in six months when we were in Europe, eating anything I pleased. This was because we spent a huge part of each day walking. Even if we took public transit, we still walked back and forth from our apartment – to whatever church, cloister or museum we were visiting – and all around the town. It was awesome. We were comparing ourselves to a certain special family we know that walks all over Portland. We were that proud of ourselves. Then we came home. I returned to my desk job and completely stopped all forms of activity… and I have put almost all that weight back on.
  • Bad eating habits. I am like a “What Not to Do” of eating habits. I skip breakfast. I snack mindlessly. I eat candy whenever candy is available. I eat too many of my calories too close to bedtime.
  • Portion distortion. I have an evil obsession I call Food Fairness. If there is anything particularly tasty in the house, I believe that it should be shared equally among all members of the family… and I get a little testy if I feel that anyone is consuming more than their fair share. (Petty, isn’t it? I know. I’m not proud of it; I just know I do it.) But let’s face it: I am the smallest member of the family (or I ought to be). David is 6′ 6″; Quinland is rapidly approaching 5′ 9″. I shouldn’t get the exact same amounts they get. I need less, and I need to accept it.

Weight Watchers should help “cure” all these bad habits of mine. I will need to eat at regular times, weigh and measure my food, keep track of everything I eat and drink, and exercise regularly. I’m very excited by a new twist in the latest WW plan: all fruits (and most veggies) are zero points, Whoo hoo! This will make things a lot easier for me as I love fruit.

So that’s my story. My WW meetings are on Mondays, and I’ll try to keep you abreast of my fantastic success. I expect the next weigh in to be astounding; I spent this past weekend eating junk and drinking alcohol, so any improvement in my behavior has got to show on the scale!